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Ⓒ Suraj Sunil Singh Nagarkoti

My name is Suraj Sunil Singh Nagarkoti, I am an athlete, mountaineer, traveller, blogger, writer, and most importantly, a storyteller. I have a mixture of sincerity, punctuality, discipline, strength, and passion. I live life with no regrets. I genuinely believe that every single day we live is like a blessing. So, one should get most and more out of it. At present, I am training in Jamaica to represent my country at the Olympic Games. It’s my dream to make my country proud. Taming the great requires great perseverance, self-belief and motivation. I always gravitate towards my rising spirit to always follow a path of belief, faith, endurance, and prayers. The ultimate purpose of my life is to motivate, bring belief and faith to desolate lives.