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Be Passionate Rather Than Excited

The Planet of True Angels
March 10, 2016
March 12, 2016

“Excitement may stay for an hour, a day, a month, or a year but passion keeps us going and gives us a purpose to live life strong!” – S.S.S Nagarkoti.


I always believe that every human life has a strong purpose and meaning. I never settle for less than extraordinary. That’s how I always fight for greatness, that’s how I always keep myself going.

I always believe the only way to push myself and be determined to persevere is by knowing that it matters. Why should I even try if there is no point or if it isn’t going anywhere? This is why a vision of what I can become and of my self-worth are so important. And it can only be done if I am passionate enough to live my dreams. If I didn’t have that passion in my heart and didn’t believe in the outcome, I would easily give up. However, if I am passionate enough about my dreams and strongly believe that it is possible someday to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish, only then I will live my life strong.


“My life is not about how much I’ve lived, but how many great moments of my life I made to live” – S.S.S. Nagarkoti.

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