I always use a word that I say (almost) everyday. It is just a word which represents the true meaning of life to me and it pronounces “BELIEVE” . You’d be surprised how many times people have asked me why I always say this word, “Believe in what?” My answer to that is always the same, “Believe in anything, but you need to believe in something.”

And I fully believe in that. Honestly, what gets me through every day and keeps me so optimistic is my belief in my faith. Now, I pray, I do not preach — which is why I say to believe in anything. You do need something bigger than yourself to hope in, to talk to when you’re upset and even to blame sometimes. I use my belief as an understanding when things don’t go my way. Instead of getting upset, I try to think of everything as a blessing in disguise. I failed thousand of times, even struggling in many ways and most of the time, I faced defeat when I was just about to get the success. Thats how we often get tested in life and sometimes our own thoughts knock on the head and make us feel like we are not worth to anything big in life. So we consider this as our fate, like you must have heard this following line many times, “I cannot change my circumstances, neither, I am capable to make it my own, its actually difficult to achieve anything big in life, and have not much resources and right environment to get there, so I have to live with my current circumstances only.” Okay, if you feel like this is how you assume your life would be then no one can help you to make you believe in something which is beyond your approach at the moment.

I really think it is important to look at the bigger picture sometimes. As corny as it is, I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason. Our whole life is made up of decisions that we have made. Some decisions that were changed last-minute, some decisions we were forced to make, and other decisions that we spent hours thinking about. It’s incredible to think how different our lives would be if we had chosen the other option. But that is not something you should look at as regret; you are exactly where you should be even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going. 

When I was 21 years old, I made the biggest decision as everyone makes when they pass out from college — what to do after college? And I made the complete, absolute, great decision. I got into the school of my dreams —Though had a tough time to pursue all my dreams and goals! Superbly happy in what I was doing and had no regret about it. (I actually was trying to do everything to make all my dreams come true) But why do you think I actually started with that decision ? Nope, instead I chose a corporate job in a multinational company where I got selected through campus interview that I really didn’t have an interest in. I have to say that deep down I knew it was the worst decision I could make to live my life with, but it was a decision I needed to figure out on my own. However, I don’t regret choosing that job for one second. If I didn’t go, I would not have chosen the dream that I was crazy about and right now my life would be completely different. Through that only I realised that I was not meant for that job and I need to do what I am best at and what makes me feel alive.

I left that job within a year. It takes a life-changing decisions like these when you really need to believe that this is all part of the plan. Don’t look at bad decisions or bad outcomes as a negative thing; instead find the positive that comes out of them, because there is always a positive even if you don’t realise it yet. Believe in what makes your heart full and you will find comfort in times of trouble and happiness in all that you do. Even till today, I haven’t accomplished anything big in life and many people consider me stupid as I don’t have any stability in life, according to society you have to live a life where you can get things easily and always get into a comfortable zone but I am a society-escaper, I listen to my heart and believe in my dreams. I always follow a path of greatness, a path where you might not win immediately but you will win definitely. So believe in yourself and believe in your dreams, you are your own driver, so take a command of your beautiful being and don’t let anyone to mislead you because you life is  as precious as you are!!

I wish you most and more!!

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Ⓒ Suraj Sunil Singh Nagarkoti

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