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The Planet of True Angels

March 10, 2016
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March 9, 2016
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March 11, 2016


“What if there were no fish in the sea, what if there were no birds in the sky, what if there were no children. The world would be so empty. Children are our real wealth, they are the real angels on this planet “-S.S.S. Nagarkoti.


The planet of true angels exists in their innocence and their beautiful trusting eyes and warm smiles; sometimes laughing so pure and at times with tears so shy. Their presence makes this world a better place, with their little ways but teachings so great.



These little hearts are always beating in joy and chasing hide and seek with cheer and happiness running in galore. Away from all vices and discriminations, they play together with the same mud and chase the same Sun. No religion divides their souls, and you see them hug together in snuggles under a tent of love and friendship; carrying God’s light shining through their bright smiles.


Like angels, they sing new songs of hope and at times dance softly as if walking on the clouds of their dreams. They paint their world in the colours of a rainbow, sketching a future of their imagination.


They rise; they fly on the wings of their aspirations in delight away from worries of yesterday or tomorrow but lost in the stories which last till midnight. At times they close their fists so tight like holding on to their dreams for they might fly.


Our children carry a bright torch of their visions to lead and to become good humans. Like true angels they nurture our planet with their beautiful souls.


I am so proud to be a part of the planet of our true angels.


This writing is a small tribute to every child on this planet as I feel they are our assets and the greatest strength.

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