The Path of Purpose

In The Name Of Friendship
March 12, 2018
March 28, 2018

The Path of Purpose

 walk alone

Way beyond the common trail,

Leaving behind the vicinity of crowd;

I walked alone stumbling upon pebbles and stones on the way,

I passed through a lonely alley,

Shrouded in an unknown illusion, I heard a voice calling my name from that far somewhere,

It called my name and I asked,” who are you?”

It replied,” I am your purpose, and your destiny,with your name;

I was waiting for you to come my way.

I quietly live here; as very few walk this way,

they say this path is mysterious in some ways,

and not great for them in many a ways,

there are hardly comforts of material sounds,

But only struggle to pave through life’s ups and downs.

Only a few dare to walk this untrodden path;

which offers struggle till the time it lasts.

What do you say?”

I said,”you are my purpose,my path,

I choose you for I believe in my heart,

the battle is long but my strength is stronger,

I might be empty handed but my heart is fuller,

the vision I have, is to serve,

Nothing belongs to me but to you;

My purpose.”

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