The Power of Powerful Habits

The Power of Powerful Habits

The Origin of Habits

Ⓒ Suraj Sunil Singh Nagarkoti

  • We all have some or the other way around to play with our thoughts and that’s how we give birth to our imagination and through which we start creating those habits which actually develop the course of action we do over the period of time. Habits are the most important tool for creating the life we actually want to live for ourselves and the life we always dream to have.
  • How many of us think that we are the victims of our circumstances and there’s no way to escape from it? I am sure the number would be in many and that’s how we actually develop that habit of not making an effort for something where we can’t even see the possibilities of success. There is actually nothing wrong in that but the problem lies in our belief system and that is something we develop over the period of time.
  • Do you really want to change your habit? – If you do choose to become deaf! Would you really care if people mocked you, laughed at you, pointed at you or bad mouthed you? Would you be concerned about your extreme goal or just embrace the normal pattern of life?
  • What if you would have to learn hardship, trust pain and embrace the struggle, would you still have concerned being realistic? Would you still figure your odds and calculate your chances to become your absolute best? 
  • My friend, many of you would give an answer in NO because no one would like to go through with such hardship where no pleasure in doing things or no such entertainment factor is involved. 
  • But if you really want a cure for your problems in life then changing your thought process is the first step towards that change you are actually looking for and it can only take place by working on your habits and developing the powerful one and I have no hesitation to say that it can only be achieved through hardship and embrace those powerful habits which can reveal the greatness within.
  • So, if you want to achieve that greatness in life then you have to choose to become deaf and not listen to those negative thoughts which lead you to create those bad habits in life.
  • Because for that, you have to risk everything and create those powerful habits which might not seem you interesting in the beginning but in long run, it will give you the great taste of success in life. And for that, you have to run a few extra miles, drop a few more sweat of yours and give your few more extra hours to claim those powerful habits in life.
  • And it can simply achieve by doing these following steps

For Mind and Soul:

  • Create a daily morning ritual: Include some type of meditation to quiet your monkey mind and some type of visualization or affirmative practice to set your mind up for the challenges ahead.
  • Make your bed every morning: This will create a sense of accomplishment right away.
  • Let go of negative thoughts, fears and worries within 5 minutes: Acknowledge them, decide on necessary actions, schedule those actions and let the thought go instead of ruminating for hours.
  • Think before you speak or act
  • Get out of your head every day for 30–60 minutes: Spend time in nature, do yoga, read fiction, spend time with loved ones or do whatever gets your mind of everyday life.
  • Regularly plan for things that nourish your soul: Have great conversations with great people, watch a feel-good movie, read a novel, drink your favourite tea, go to a concert…Contrary to the previous habit, this can be activities that you really get lost in for hours.
  • Do mundane things differently to challenge your brain: Cook something new, take a different way to work, brush your teeth on one foot…new things keep your brain happy!
  • Declutter your space every week: Clean up your living space, your phone (photos, messages, apps) and your computer (emails, home screen, trash) at the end of every week. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind!
  • Write in your journal every night: Keep a list of things you are grateful for or simply do a brain dump to empty your head before going to sleep.
  • Have a daily evening ritual to wind down: Turn off your digital devices, do your personal care rituals, drink some tea, light a candle, write in your journal, read or listen to a podcast or cuddle your partner. Over time your evening ritual will signal to your brain that it is time to sleep which will make it easier to fall asleep and have a deep restful sleep.

For Success:

  • Plan your week on Sundays: Get off to a good start on Monday by outlining your week the weekend before. It will make it easier getting right into the important tasks instead of just reacting to the email influx and spending hours figuring out what to do.
  • Get out of your comfort zone: It’s where the magic happens.
  • Do the most important thing first in the morning: This is by far the best procrastination trick I know. Get clear on your most important task for the day and tackle it right away. Even if it is painful.
  • Do one thing at a time: Focus. Focus. Focus. Nothing good ever came from multi-tasking.
  • Have set times for e-mail and other distractions: Proactively focus on the important things instead of reacting to urgent things. Keeping your email open all day is probably the productivity killer number 1!
  • Learn to rest: Take a break in your workday, take a break on the weekend and regularly take time off. You will return refreshed and with a new perspective on things.
  • Celebrate small wins: Pause and celebrate how far you have come. Because otherwise, work never stops. And you never have arrived.
  • Make it a habit to act: Don’t overthink. It is better done than perfect. And better started than postponed.

For Personal Development:

  • Listen to audio books for personal development: Learn while commuting, cooking or cleaning. By far my favorite personal development hack!
  • Watch documentaries, webinars or online courses instead of TV: This can actually be equally relaxing — you just need to make it a habit. And once it is one, you will actually crave for your daily dose of learning!
  • Read: Schedule some extended reading time for the weekend and read or listen to audiobooks every day before going to bed (it’s also a great way to fall asleep).
  • Reflect on your week: Take a few minutes at the end of the week to reflect on what was going well in every area of your life, which issues you are facing and what you can improve next week. This also works well as a reset when you have been neglecting a habit for some time. Reflect why it happened, adjust the habit and start again the next week.

For Body:

  • Sleep 8hrs every night. Or whatever quantity you need to perform your best.
  • Sweat every day: Even if it is just for 15min. Your heart will thank you later.
  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast: This will make it easier to opt for healthy choices later in the day as well.
  • Set up a proper beauty routine and stick to it: Skincare, beard care, hair care — take care of your body.
  • Eat mindfully: If you eat, JUST eat. Don’t watch TV or try to reply to emails. Focus on the taste of the food in your mouth and enjoy every little bit. Take a break halfway through and ask yourself whether you are still hungry. And if not, stop eating. This habit might even make you lose some weight — effortlessly.
  • Eat well: Opt for fresh, healthy, unprocessed and nourishing food.

Ⓒ Suraj Sunil Singh Nagarkoti

I wish you most and more in life and hope you guys will keep your faith unbreakable!!

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